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Featuring local and international yoga instructors and leaders of wellness offering an exciting range of workshops, the Evolve Yoga Festival is a unique fusion of music, yoga, dance, health and more.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or simply curious to learn more about this practice that is transforming the lives of so many people, the Evolve program will excite, challenge and inspire your own yoga practice.

Each festival features a unique range of offerings from yogis and practitioners of many modalities and lineages. This vibrant array of teachers and teachings offers you a rich opportunity to immerse yourself in practices that range from ancient traditions to new and emerging fusions in yoga and health.









John Ogilvie

Founder and director of Byron Yoga, John has been teaching yoga for over 25 years and leads the Byron Yoga Centre teacher training courses. He encourages a light heartedness in our approach to yoga and to ourselves.

John teaches regular classes as part of the Byron Yoga studio weekly timetable. His classes are both challenging and dynamic, and integrate the different yoga styles of Iyengar and Ashtanga, as well as the softer Sivananda and Satyananda practices of yoga and the energy principles of Aikido.

Dynamic Flow Purna Yoga 

John Ogilvie will take you through a strong and dynamic Purna Level asana sequence. John encourages you to go to your potential, supporting and helping you to deepen your practice by expertly progressing through posture variations. Suitable for all levels, John always provides options so no student will be left out or unchallenged while encouraging you with knowledge and humour. 

Making yoga complete, living the 8 limbs

Purna, meaning complete, is the style of yoga taught at Byron Yoga Centre - integrating the physical postures with philosophy, meditation and pranayama. Join John for this session on the eight limbs of the Ashtanga Yoga system focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas, the yogic personal and social code of ethics. 

When should I do a teacher training?

With yoga teacher training courses becoming a popular way to deepen your practice as well as embark on a career, many people ask themselves ‘When should I do a teacher training?’ John will facilitate an interactive session on the path of yoga teacher training. He will offer advice gained over 30 years in the field and answer questions.

For yoga teachers: advanced training advice from the experts

A not to missed session for yoga teachers or anyone who has completed a Level 1 teacher training. The panel of experts: John Ogilvie, Michale Nazar, Ana Davis and Linda Newman will offer guidance in how to further your career and add to your teaching skills. Explore options in yoga therapy, women’s yoga, meditation teaching, pilates, Cert IV in yoga teaching and more. Bring an open mind and any burning questions!


Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) is a Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s most respected yoga schools. He is a registered physiotherapist, a research scientist and a university lecturer.

Simon has led an extraordinary life. At the age of six, he was introduced to yogic breathing (pranayama) by his father George and at 17 he met a Tibetan Lama who introduced him to the philosophy and practice of Tantric Yoga. In 1985, Simon met his primary teacher Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) with whom he studied for almost two decades. He has also studied with such internationally revered Indian teachers as BKS Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar. Since 2007, Simon has been developing his yoga practice and understanding by studying with Master Zhen Hua Yang.

How to use your spine more effectively in your yoga practice and exercise

In this session physiotherapist and yoga teacher Simon Borg-Olivier will show you how to use your spine to create core stability via core mobility. This knowledge can help you improve your circulation, energy levels and the health of your internal organs.

The main purpose of physical yoga: circulating energy (prana) and information (citta) through your body

In this interactive seminar Simon will explain how to enhance your circulation and move energy (prana) and information (citta) through your body using twelve ‘circulatory pumps’ (other than the heart) that are the essence of the yogic principle of mudra (energy-control). These techniques include the specific use of muscles, gravity, breathing, sequential movement, posture and mental control. Once learned, this ability can help you significantly increase your energy levels and allow to gain flexibility without painful stretching and strength without tension or stress. This is the main key to health, happiness and longevity. Once mastered it can be used to heal musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions.


Toni Childs

Toni Childs, Emmy winner and three-time Grammy nominated recording artist, installation artist, environmental activist, and yoga and mindfulness teacher.

In 2008, Toni released the album Keep the Faith, and included the 2004 Emmy winning Because You’re Beautiful. For the next three years she toured regional Australia, “I noticed that men and women in the audience looked somewhat detached… it appeared to me that these women were losing their playfulness, sensuality, and most importantly, their power."

Toni began inviting women to come onto the stage with her so she could sing to them personally and remind them of the truth – that their very essence is beauty! This produced an incredible amount of tears, and vulnerability!

Toni listened to her intuition and inner guidance to bring this transformational experience into the more intimate setting of a yoga environment.

Because You're Beautiful

Come and celebrate your magnificence with a special yoga and meditation experience.

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, Toni Childs designed a unique experience “…a yoga experience which combines improvisational dance, meditation, story-telling and singing plus a number of gentle stretches. I sing and bath you in loving resonance as we transition from one section of our session to another ending with my Emmy-Award winning song Because You’re Beautiful.

“Each of us are beautiful, dynamic beings that are crying out to experience more self love, self appreciation, and self care. My practice is a way to blast the doors off the hinges to our personal cages of limitation, and engage in deepening our relationship with our ourselves.” Toni Childs



Bess Prescott

Bess has been practicing yoga since the age 14 when she started a daily practice with the help of a Louisa Sears video she found in her mum’s cupboard. Her teachers are Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons of the School of Embodied Flow™, and Lama Thupten Phuntsok in Arunachal Pradesh, India. Bess has also studied with Duncan Peak, Tiffany Cruikshank, Alice Cummins and Emil Wendel. She has been teaching yoga since 2011, mostly at Power Living Australia Yoga in Sydney, moving to Byron Bay in April 2015 to open Farm Yoga. She has over 1200 hours teaching experience and has completed over 1000 hours of teacher training.

Tahl Rinsky

Tahl has been living and breathing yoga for over a decade now. Practising Ashtanga diligently, with a strong calling to inspire others. In 2011 she completed a 3-year teacher training program with Dena Kingsberg and recently a 200 Hour Vinyasa TT with Essence of Living. Tahl teaches creative and mindful Vinyasa, with the breath always being at the heart of the practice - to strengthen, stretch, realign and find a deeper sense of peace within. Yoga is more than a few stretches on a mat. Yoga is a way of life, a window to the soul, a celebration of the body and a path to connect to the ultimate source.

Heart strings and bigger things

Do you have a desire to dive into the heart space - beyond backbends? Take an embodied journey through the spiralling chambers of your heart and learn how to listen to the wisdom that echoes within, to locate the consciousness of love in your own body beyond all closed doors. Tahl and Bess will guide you through traditional and explorative asana, pranayama, some partner work and meditation techniques to help you feel the physical heart and live from the space of the energetic heart – the seat of compassion, empathy and trust. We will explore the correlation between the physical heart and the energetic heart, between the vehicle and the spirit it is harbouring.


Maria Kirsten

Maria Kirsten has been practicing for 27 years and teaching for 15. Offering classes and yoga therapy to middle aged beginners in Lennox Head, she also teaches anatomy, yoga therapy, and yoga for seniors on teacher trainings. Her mission is to use yoga poses and practices as a means to teach people how to live and thrive in body and mind. Her secondary mission is to empower new yoga teachers to teach beginners, the middle aged and seniors confidently and safely.  Maria’s DVD, Yoga for Grownups is popular with students and teachers of all ages.

Her website is

Experience Anatomy in Movement

Knowing what is normal, healthy, functional movement in the body helps refine the intention of yoga asanas and helps you adjust poses to suit your body. This session will focus on the anatomy of the sacroiliac joint and shoulder joints, how they move, and how to keep them safe in yoga and in daily life.


Alexa Nehter

As a woman who is in love with yoga and the ocean, Alexa believes that the more connect to our natural rhythm the more we live from an authentic, empowered place. Her classes combine Iyengar’s attention to detail with a mindful sequenced flow to re-connect with our bio-intelligence and innate freedom. 

Alexa has studied with master teachers since 2000, including  Diane Long (Scaravelli), Gurmukh (Kundalini) and her beloved mentor, Australian yoga legend Eve Grzybowski. Known for her charismatic, genuine teaching style, Alexa teaches classes in Newcastle/NSW and facilitates workshops, teacher trainings and retreats in Oceania, Europe and South East Asia.

Fascia Vinyasa

In this unique class, Alexa will introduce you to the concept of Fascia Vinyasa Yoga. You'll  learn about different ways to approach fascia fitness, working predominantly with dynamic movements and finishing off the practice with Yin poses targeting the long myofascial chains. You'll flow, bounce, swing, spiral, stretch, spring and finally rest and revitalise your magnificent fascial matrix. Learn tools for a juicy life and start your day open and fresh.


Linda Newman

Linda is the founder of the highly successful Pilates & Yoga Styles Studio. She is highly qualified in Fitness training , Pilates and yoga studies and has been teaching for more than 26 years in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia.  Linda has undertaken over 1000 hours of yoga study with International Masters here and in India. She is Yoga Alliance accredited E RYT 500.

Linda synthesizes many years of teaching and studying yoga, philosophy, anatomy and physiology. She has taught on Byron Yoga 200 and 500 hour Teacher Training, lectured for VFA, (Victorian Fitness Academy) on Cert III, Cert IV and the Diploma in Fitness. She leads her own Nationally registered and accredited Mat Pilates teacher training course and leads the Byron Yoga Pilates Intensive training in Byron Bay. Linda  brings compassion, humour and encouragement to her teaching.

Hotly Energised Vinyasa, a blend of focused breath and strength building asana

This powerful class includes the best elements of Vinyasa yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness practices. This sequence is designed to build strength in your core, release tension in the hips and establish balance in your upper body. The practice is appropriate for just about anyone who wants to invigorate the body, ignite some spiritual fire and calm the agitated mind, Linda will lead you with enthusiasm and humour. It is important to note that this practice is going to make you sweat!


Mikkeline Olsen

'Due to family illness Ana Davis has had to cancel being at Evolve. Mikkeline Olsen will take the 'Yoga for Women' session

Mikkeline’s approach to teaching yoga is nurturing, safe and therapeutic. We are all unique and there is no 'one size fits all' approach to life or our yoga practice. Her aim as a teacher is to share the benefits of this healing practice in such a way that is accessible, safe and meaningful. Yoga is much more than a physical practice, it has the power to connect our inner and outer worlds leading to a content state of being. Join her for a delicious feminine practice that the ladies can gently drop in to.

Moving with the Womb: Yoga for Women

Learn how a woman’s yoga practice can respond to her changing monthly and life cycles, rather than blindly following the more traditional, linear, masculine model.   A feminine approach to yoga can support us throughout our key ages and stages to enhance our health, vitality and wellbeing as a woman.  Ana will guide you through a soft, feminine yoga practice that will help you begin to embody these feminine principles of practice.


Jacinta McEwen ND

Jacinta McEwen ND has been practicing the healing arts for over thirty years, working individually and facilitating workshops in Australia and overseas. Initially trained as a Nurse, she become a Naturopath, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant.

 Jacinta is a founding partner in Mullumbimby Herbals, where she offers Naturopathic and Ayurvedic consultations, massage & Ayurvedic treatments like shirodhara, chakrasparsha and khati basti.

 Jacinta runs workshops on Women’s Health, Ayurveda, Yoga and natural First Aid. She has a passion for spiritual growth and physical and mental well being. As a mother and grandmother Jacinta keeps a fresh outlook on life and brings this inspiration into her practice. or

Ayurveda - elements of Health

Understanding how to balance 5 elements can be empowering and allow the opportunity to soothe symptoms before they progress into disease. Stress can be the underlying cause of disease of mind body and spirit. There are so many causes of stress in our lives, using the basis of the 5 elements this session will explore causes and ways to adapt our response to it.

According to our constitution the stress will manifest in different ways. Generally stress lowers our immunity and our resistance to disease. Learn key Stress Busters, and take home a handout to inspire you.


Kirsty Nugent

A former elite gymnast, Kirsty found yoga early for its rehabilitative benefits and has deepened her knowledge with over 20 years of practice and 3000 teaching hours. She has a passionate belief in the benefits of yoga for every person & every stage of life and left a successful corporate career to dedicate her time to teaching. 

She completed multiple full-time, teacher training courses across a variety of yoga traditions and continues to train with master teachers worldwide. She has a unique ability to inspire you with both the yin and the yang aspects of the practice seamlessly incorporating variations & props into her classes. She teaches popular weekly classes in Byron Bay at Byron Yoga Centre, privately in Ewingsdale and on retreats. Info:

Nourishing restorative & yoga nidra meditation

Kirsty is known for her deeply nurturing voice and the beautiful pace of her classes. At Evolve, her class will nourish you with restorative postures before segueing into the deep peace & relaxation offered by her yoga nidra meditation. This lying down, guided meditation is said to offer the equivalent of 3 hours sleep and is an invaluable tool for healing and recovery. This class will leave you rejuvenated for the rest of your festival day.


Michael Nazar

Michael has a background in fitness, remedial massage and sports injury therapy which is apparent in his dynamic Vinyasa flow-style classes. He has been practising yoga since 1990 and gained his level 1 and 2 teaching qualifications from Byron Yoga Centre in 2006 and 2007.

Michael seeks to incorporate the ethical and moral teachings of yoga into his classes, as well as pranayama and meditation, and delivers on the teacher trainings as well as teaching regular general classes at the Centre.

Ha - Tha Yoga  

When we practice Hatha Yoga we are looking at developing/maintaining stability, strength, flexibility and off course relaxation.

However underpinning all of these benefits is that Hatha Yoga creates/improves circulation in the body - circulation of matter e.g. blood, circulation of information, e.g. neural pathways and circulation of energy, e.g. prana.

In this Asana session you will explore ways in which to promote circulation so as to maximize the benefits of practice.


Tara Fitzgibbon

Tara has been practising and teaching a yin style of yoga for over 15 years and has over 1000 hours of teacher training experience, most recently travelling to Canada to train with Bernie Clark one of the Yin Yoga Masters of today.  Tara is now sharing her wealth and experience through workshops and her own 50 hour yin teacher training courses recognized by Yoga Alliance.  

Contact Tara via

Four on the Floor – a yin practice for everyone!

Join Tara for a slow, deep stretch the yin way.  We will practice four traditional yin yoga poses holding each for an experiential length of time.  Get to know your body, find the tension and create the space to let that tension go.  Releasing layer, by layer, breath by breath.  A delicious and blissful practice that will leave you wanting more!


enCHANTed Kirtan

Kirtan is a joyful call-and-response sound vibration. The enCHANted Kirtan band has been creating sacred sound and leading mantra meditation in the Byron Shire for the past 7 years together.



Gwyn Williams

Gwyn has spent 15 years effectively combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yoga, utilising this within his martial arts and AcroYoga teachings. More recently his style called Zenthai Flow has evolved to create a trilogy of yoga asana, partner flows and therapeutic bodywork woven together through the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine. 
Water & Wood
The water feeds the tree to allow growth and expansion. If the tree is too thirsty the water dries and the growth suffers. The Kidneys (water) and liver (wood) have the same relationship. In this workshop we will explore this delicate relationship and how to find the right balance. The class will look at ways to bring this balance of rest and movement into your asana practice and daily life . A section of the class will be focused on therapeutic bodywork to restore the kidney energy to ensure that our vitality isn't comprised to allow our momentum and vision to be fresh and powered. 
Discussion 10% ~ Asana 50% ~ Partner flow including therapy 40%
Krisna Lane
Krisna creates devotional soundscapes with bamboo flutes, slide guitar & mantras
He is a founding member of OKA then spent 2 years in Bali playing with world renowned kirtan artist, Kevin James Carroll.
Kris has just finished a year of touring with Xavier Rudd and The Untied Nations, playing 120 shows Worldwide.
Now he’s co-creating with Gwyn Williams to bring a live, dynamic and devotional experience to Gwyn’s yoga classes and Zen Thai workshops. The music is melodic, rhythmic and infused with love. Kris plays in 432hz rather than 440z (the western standard) to maximise the healing potential of the sound waves on a cellular level and with all of nature.



Jo Kelly is an award winning singer, composer, performer and creator of Café Mantra Music.  In 2005, Jo was awakened to her spiritual path in India, where she discovered mantra, yoga, meditation and devotional music.  She fell in love with the healing sounds, exotic instruments and classical ragas that touched her soul. Since India, her music and singing has become deeply inspired by the loving powers of sacred song and it is from this place that Café Mantra Music has emerged. 

Jo sings at yoga festivals, yoga retreats and conscious music events throughout Australia. She teaches harmonium and chanting for meditation and holds mantra sound bath sessions for deep relaxation. 

Recently Jo won the 2015 NCEIA Dolphin Music Award for her song ‘Himalaya’ in the Adult Contemporary category and she continues to write and perform her original music. 

Listen to Jo at

Watch Jo on YouTube

Mantra Sound Bath & Chant

Be bathed in the soothing, sacred sounds of Jo Kelly’s Cafe Mantra Music.  Meditate, chant along or lay down and feel deeply relaxed as Jo’s beautiful voice and gentle hypnotic rhythms take you on a journey into deep peace.  Jo's voice is pure and smooth and is perfectly accompanied by beautiful bansuri flute solos, played by Shyan Kishore. This session is created to support and nourish you with the loving, healing sounds of Vedic mantra and offers profound rest and rejuvenation. Listen to Jo's music at


Liza Lilintahl

Bhakti Songstress ~ Ecstatic Kirtan

Liza Lilintahl is a bhakti yogi, singer and international recording artist whose singing has been described as transcendental, healing, angelic, and nectar for the soul. She combines south American passion and deep longing for the Divine, bringing a fresh and unique approach to kirtan that is groovy, soulful and full of heart!

She enjoys allowing the spirit to sing through her to get out of the way and facilitate a space for healing, heart-opening, celebration, joy and creative expression. Singing mantras for her is like coming back home. Is entering the space of pure love and devotion, openness, expansion and trust.

Originally from Venezuela and based in Bali for the last few years, she has travelled the world offering kirtans, and mantra music for yoga classes. With 2 albums under her wings, her latest offering “Into The Light”, recorded and produced in Bali by Robert Weber, music coordinator for Bali Spirit Festival, offers a journey of ambient mantra music for deep healing and heart opening that is quickly becoming a favourite to be played during savasana for yoga classes around the world.

You can listen to Liza's music here:

And see some videos here:



Kaya and Haitch

Kaya is a senior Yoga teacher and Mentor, and devoted practitioner of mantra in Sanskrit, Hindi and Gurmuki.  She is based in Brisbane and runs a yoga Studio called Yoga Bones.  Her passion is to bring bhakti yoga and devotion in to all that she does and brings a strong knowledge of eastern Traditions Tantra and Daoism into her teachings.

Haitch - Entrancing and moving world music performed on traditional, classical and contemporary instruments.

Haitch is a South East Queensland musician and composer. Looking to nature for inspiration and world cultures for instruments, his uniqueness lies in the moving fusion created with both uncommon and classical instruments. Haitch started trumpet at a young age, closely followed by piano, leading into over a decade collecting world instruments that he composes and performs with today. Including Native American flutes, Yidaki (didgeridoo), slide Didge, Taishogoto, Baja, Mellophone, Tibetan singing bowls, Duclar, Overtone flutes, hand percussion, vocals and synthesizers.

Yin Yoga and Live Sound Immersion - with Kaya and Haitch

Yin yoga takes place at a slow pace, with postures/asanas often lasting for five minutes or longer. It is a highly meditative form of yoga, with many physical, emotional and mental benefits.  We enter a pose and stay there for time basking in the numerous health benefits.Holding yoga poses for a significant amount of time has always been crucial to yoga practice, both in the Hatha and Taoist traditions. Yin Yoga along is deeply healing and restorative , once we merge Yin Yoga with live music and sounds  we deepen the healing benefits dramatically. Haitch will take us on a transformational journey with his amazing didgeridoo's, various Native American Flutes, gongs, Tibetan bowls and many more interesting and unique instruments.  Both Kaya and Haitch will also include their hypnotic voices to lull you into pure bliss.

Multi instrumental chanting and sound immersion - with Haitch and Kaya

Join Kaya and Haitch from South East Queensland for an hour of deeply immersive music. A fusion of Haitch's compositions with Kayas divine Sanskrit and Gurmukhi mantras. Enjoy the sounds and vibrations of live Didge and flutes accompanied with vocals from the heart.  Join us in this heart opening performance and feel free to sing along with us.


Carlie and Yosi

Byron Bay based Carlie and Yosi are a powerful duo who crafted their sound playing and performing throughout the ever growing Israel music scene. Combining folk, ethnic, electronic and tribal sounds, they present soul warming music straight from the heart. 

Born in Australia and Israel, this dynamic duo are a unique combination that have distinctively combined Carlie's folk roots with Yosi's compelling sound design. Layering their productions with pulsating rhythms and transcendent vocal harmonies, their performance leaves many moving from hypnotised to dancing, tears to joy. 

Many years of busking around the globe has given Carlie a sweet authenticity. Her captivating storytelling sings tales of wild women, aching hearts and playful lovers, resonating with audiences around the world. 
The intimate connection between this husband and wife duo is transparent on stage, their dynamic chemistry the fuel for a performance quickly gaining a reputation as unmissable.


Davina Kruse

Davina started practising yoga in 1998 and has been teaching since 2006. Davina is a Certified Senior Teacher holding Level 1 & 2 500 hour Certificates, Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 

Davina’s yoga classes always include pranayama and dhyana. Davina guides students through an awareness of body, mind and breath and her teaching assists participants to explore life motivations and goals and ultimately become more fully present. Davina is also deeply influenced by the teachings of Buddha and has studied meditation and pranayama in India and Australia. Meditation teacher and psychologist Radha Nicholson continues to guide Davina in her ongoing study of the teachings. Regular yoga and meditation practice has transformed Davina’s life, cultivating a new realm of inner peace, strength and serenity.

Loving Kindness Meditation

In Buddhism we learn there are four Brahma Viharas  - the four "immeasurables", or "limitless ones". These are friendliness, compassion, delight and equanimity to all things, pleasant or unpleasant - good or bad. These "divine abodes" (places where the heart can rest) add depth to our practice. The Brahma Viharas help us to reflect on social relationships and the interdependent nature of all things.

Metta Bhavana is the cultivation of Loving-kindness. This guided meditation brings an openness to the mind and mindfulness practice.

Loving-kindness develops positive attitudinal changes - helping us to respond with compassion in all situations.


Shaa & Sjha'ra Taylor

Shaa & Sjha'ra Taylor have apprenticed and worked with Yogis, Shamans, Guru’s and Priestesses from around the world for nearly two decade. Both are certified Kundalini Yoga Instructors (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), Tantric Heart Practitioners and share a passion for Sacred Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga and the holy of holies; Chocolate! 

They have been working directly with the cacao deva, the Mayan lineage & the Chocolate Shaman for over 5 years and have been leading authentic ceremonies under their guidance. Together they alchemically merged passions and birthed Chocolate Yoga, their divine and unique synergy of Cacao Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga.

Chocolate Yoga is honoured to be the source for bringing ceremonial grade Sacred Mayan Cacao to Australia, and introducing so many people to the profound possibilities of Cacao Ceremony.

Delve the Divine with Chocolate Yoga

Chocolate Yoga is about diving deep inside and unleashing your own raw energy, so you can experience the bliss of who you really are, pure love, pure consciousness. Cacao (chocolate in its purest form), is a forgotten plant medicine – an ancient teacher and facilitator that assists you with the journey into your heart. Cacao was known to the Ancient Mayans as a powerful heart opener and potent healer. Perfect for deepening your yoga and meditation practice!

Join with us in Sacred Ceremony to awaken your energy and experience the medicinal properties of Sacred Mayan Cacao moving through your body in a specially designed Kundalini Yoga practice. Be ready to meditate, move, breathe, stretch, laugh, cry, dance, chant, shift, expand and elevate! Limit 100 people!


Liora Lilienfeld

Liora is a dedicated yoga teacher from Zurich with a strong interest in improving people’s wellbeing and health, encouraging them to live their highest potential.

Liora discovered yoga while juggling her studies of communication and a busy job. Years of self practice with Stephen Thomas and Chris Chavez's Teacher Training gave her the skills to offer you an uplifting yoga-experience. Liora’s employs different playful elements to lead your way to challenging and inspiring positions. Liora focuses particularly on healthy executions to allow your body to feel vital and happy every single day.

Dance your Asana  – a music inspired hatha flow  

“Lose yourself to Danceasana” and get wild and free by rocking this hatha flow yoga. Liora offers a variety of her favorite music bites combined with her most loved Asana sequences - freeing for the body, clearing for the mind and encouraging students to get out of their comfort zone and explore their best self. In this class you will flow with concentration on inner and outer music and explore different elements of posture, breath and meditation. This class is for all levels - just come, be groovy and explore the bliss of yoga.


Marita Dortins

Marita began teaching Iyengar-influenced yoga in 2002 after apprenticing with her first teacher Bernie Peterson. A few years later, she discovered vinyasa yoga, and relished the freedom of flowing through movement and connecting with breath – her yoga practice became a moving meditation. Marita’s teaching can now be described as alignment-based vinyasa.

When teaching, Marita aims to instill the peace and happiness that she experiences through yoga within her students. By both challenging and nurturing, she teaches people to stretch and strengthen their muscles, but also to breathe, to stand tall, and to live with compassion.

For the Love of Backbends

Backbends at their best feel fluid and graceful. They’re invigorating, energising postures that have the power to uplift; to fill you with happiness. 

In this workshop you will unlock your best backbends – joyful, exhilarating backbends – through intelligent preparation and key principles of alignment. Expect to move, sweat, and laugh as you explore the boundaries of your asana practice and evolve your backbends!


Angel Yaffa & Gopala Amir Yaffa 

Angel & Gopala Have been connecting people through yoga for over 22 years now. Their unique style of interactive social yoga has won the hearts of thousands of people all around the world. Angel and Gopala have trained over 11,000 yoga teachers through their Rainbow Kids Yoga, Sun Moon Partner & Community Yoga, and 200/300 hourYoga Specialty Teacher Training. Angel & Gopala are passionate about creating beautiful shapes while doing group yoga together in a circle, and are always endeavoring to create new ways to bring people closer together in body mind and spirit through yoga.

Family Yoga

Intergenerational yoga for children, parents and grandparents of all ages
It is always more fun to do yoga together! Come and stretch farther than you can on your own and balance in ways that you can only do together in this fun family experience! Need to reconnect? No cell phones or Facebook allowed... it's family time.

Kids Yoga Journey Around the World

All ages are welcome. In this class we will drive yoga cars, fly in yoga airplanes and float on yoga boats to discover amazing cultures near and far all around the globe!

Rainbow Human Mandalas

Tantric Circles that Weave People Together 
Join this communal interactive and fun practice that celebrates life and brings people together! Coming off your individual yoga mat to explore your connections with friends and strangers, step out of the yoga box and come and practice in the yoga circle with us! Beginners to advanced all welcome. 


Yashoda Devi Ma

Yashoda is the founder of Cosmic Women's Tribe and Modern Living Meditation. Her life passion lies in facilitating healing transformation in mind/body, evolution of consciousness. She has studied yoga and meditation in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas for the past decade under Vedic Masters Anand Mehrotra (founder of Sattva Yoga) who was born and raised in Rishikesh, India and Thom Knoles 'Maharishi Vyasananda' (Vedic Meditation/Nishkam Karma Yoga) who studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  

Yashoda studied Psychology/English at Western Oregon University. Later becoming a Fitness Expert in Beverly Hills, Ca for 13 years.  After working with body for more than a decade she transfered her passion for transformation of body to consciousness through Vedic Meditation and Sattva Yoga.  


Bliss Meditation / Sattva Yoga

Sattva Meditative Yoga is wisdom, deep pranayama (consciousness breath techniques), one slow meditative kriya (movement with sound/mantra) to take us to transcendence (beyond thought).

The Bliss Meditation is an about awakening the Bliss consciousness within us all. This a very powerful class that always ends with hysterical, authentic laughter, love and smiles. It opens the heart and provides the experience of Truth.


Miroslav Petrovic

Miroslav is the Co-Founder of Tribe One Heartbeat – Australia’s largest transformational party celebrating the Open Heart as featured in The Age & Sydney Morning Herald. He has travelled jungles, ashrams and deserts globally facing his demons and fears so he could bring his unique gifts to the world. He has worked with over 3,000 people supporting them to remember their souls calling and live as an expression of their hearts purpose. Miroslav generally works with heart centred entrepreneurs and change-makers to support them with clarity, confidence and courage to live their life’s purpose and deliver conscious change in the world.

The Way Of The Heart ~ An Experiential Talk

Every experience, every relationship, every conversation is an opportunity for immense transformation.

Miroslav’s talks are wondrous spaces of unraveling for the mind, body and soul where the audience co-creates the experience. In this immersive journey we will explore the power of the heart to transform life's everyday experiences into a fulfilling spiritual journey. Fusing together deep insight, playfulness, and audience participation this will be an alchemical experience of transforming emotions, finding clarity in the next stages of your journey, deepening your dearest relationships and living more of your authentic truth with all that you do.

Living from the heart – the whole world is our temple and every interaction a meeting with the divine.


Megan Jones 

Megan is a mum, wife, yogi, health trailblazer and trekker. Teaching since 1989, Megan is a Senior Teacher Member of Yoga Australia with over 8,000hrs of training, teaching, and mentoring.  Megan teaches a blend of classical and Tibetan yoga, with influence in Sivananda, Satyananda, Iyengar and the Viniyoga traditions. Megan’s style is eclectic and fun as she intuitively bends and weaves her teachings to accommodate all who attend her classes, workshops and retreats, locally and internationally. 

Megan is a bhakti yogi, with a deep stirring passion for chanting and kirtan. Megan is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy.

Prana Slow Flow Session 

Prana is everything to a yogi, life force, healing energy, potential, presence, moments, essence....during this session there will be a focus on the prana vayus and how to integrate their knowledge into every cell in your body. Megan will guide you through a vast network of energy via chanting, words, feelings, movements, stillness and wisdom, you will complete a full cycle of pranic recharging to set you up for a perfect day of yoga bliss.

A Soul’s Journey

Kirtan is a way to access the heart space without detouring through the mind. Thoughts can steer us off the path of love and when we sing in a devotional way its like we land back on the souls path and our heart leads our thoughts back to love. Through Maha Mantra and some not so traditional chants, MJ will take you on a soul’s journey...........


ACRO FOR LIFE Acroyoga Workshop with Tanya Zappala

In Life, as in Acro, we not only strive to achieve , accomplish and succeed in the skill at hand, we strive to embody the disposition that will enable us to fully experience the moment at hand - the breath, the alignment, the symbiotic relationships, the humanity... for this is what truly sustains our existence as human beings on this planet. Join Tanya and Zoe for a combination of partner and group yoga exploring success in a multi dimensional capacity. 

Tanya and Zoe have been collaborating to build the Byron Bay AcroYoga community for the last three years. Sharing Acroyoga at events, workshops and retreats including Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay Spirit Festivals, Byron Yoga Retreat Centre, Circus Arts and Evolve Yoga Festivals.


Delamay Devi

A yogini, traveler, foodie, writer and a lover of embodied expression. Delamay is a born and raised local to Byron Shire. She now divides her time between Australia, Europe and Asia, following the sun and offering trainings and retreats in many beautiful parts of the world. With a background in dance it was a natural progression into teaching yoga and delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the natural flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation. Delamay assists Shiva Rea and the Prana Flow tribe throughout the year and is excited to be part of the Evolve Festival again!

Sahaja - The spontaneous arising of movement

Join Delamay for an experiential journey into Sahaja. The sanskrit word Sahaja represents the spontaneous arising of breath, movement, action, reaction and more. With its roots in Tantra, Sahaja is a way of returning to our natural and essential state of being. After a short introduction you will be guided on a simple movement exploration from form into formlessness and back to form again. Incorporating silence, chanting, music, and the vayus (currents of energy in the body) as a gateway we will connect with breath initiated movement as we tap into your own current of Sahaja. Suitable for all levels and no mat required.




Suebee Fae

"When I dance I set my wings free. I dance to heal, to pray, and to express myself in the most deeply intimate way. When I dance I feel my spirit soar and I am one with all Creation" Suebee Fae

Suebee studied Jazz, Ballet and Tap dance from the age of 7, completing her teaching certificate at the age of 20. Choosing to pursue a career in advertising, dance became a hobby in her early 20s ~ until a life changing adventure to Byron Bay was the catalyst for her to quit her career and follow her heart ... which has always led her back to dance. She danced professionally as a commercial dancer, with numerous TV & stage performances and corporate events. Suebee developed a dance program for primary school children, which was accredited by the government and taught to thousands of children across NSW. 

Since moving to Byron 5 years ago and becoming a Mama, Suebee loves facilitating women’s circles and dance workshops. She is passionate about people finding their own unique rhythm and freedom in their dance. For Suebee, dance is more than movement, it is medicine, it is connection to the divine, and a way to express the language of the soul.  

Spirit Dance at the Lotus Palace

"Where hearts meet within the beat"

The intention for spirit dance, is quite simply for people to find freedom in body, mind and spirit on the dancefloor. Spirit Dance is a safe and held space, where people can connect and creatively express themselves through the process of a dynamic movement journey. 

The dance journey starts with a guided breath and movement meditation, which enables dancers to drop into their hearts, and drop into the space safely and comfortably. The dance journey slowly progresses, building the energy into ecstatic rhythms and encouraging spirits to soar! 

Suebee Fae has a gentle and playful nature, guiding participants deeper into their bodies, and enabling them to explore their own unique self expression.



Christabel Zamor

Christabel Zamor, M.A. Christabel is a life-coach and the creator of an ecstatic breathing practice called Breath of Bliss, an practice that helps people feel more aliveness, presence and love. Breath of Bliss incorporates movement, touch, sharing and an hour of circular breath that profoundly alters consciousness. Christabel is passionate about training breathwork facilitators how to share from the heart. She has been featured in Dr.Oz, Live with Regis and Kelly, Time, Prevention, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Shape and hundreds of other media outlets. Christabel was listed with the Dali Lama in "The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness of 2011".

Waty-Sharron Hopley

Sharron is a leading facilitator of the life-changing Breath of Bliss practice designed to help you feel more aliveness, connection and love. She empowers individuals to reach for and live to their highest potential on all levels of Being through the breath. She brings a background of 25 years experience as an Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher, Writer, Reiki Master, and Holistic Retreat & Wellness Consultant.  Learn more about her at

Breath of Bliss: Feel More Love

Activate your bliss body with breath so you can give and receive more love. Breath of Bliss is an ecstatic breathwork practice exploring circular, connected breathing to feel more aliveness, awareness and presence. Join us in a nurturing space as we feel the whole spectrum of human emotions, sensations and feelings and use them to come home to our true essence as Love. Includes movement, deep sharing, touch, and an hour of circular connected breath. Open your heart to give and receive more love. Learn more at